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A woven lattice pie crust can make a homemade pie look so pretty. As intimidating as it might look to the non-weavers among us, weaving a lattice pie crust top. There's nothing more home-y and old fashioned than a freshly baked pie with a lattice top crust, cooling on a window sill. Am I right? I bet you. Clear step-by-step photographs and instructions for adding a lattice pie crust to the top of pies. It's simple and so impressive. Recipe video.

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Lattice top pies are perfect for all sorts of fruit pies, like apple or blackberry or any fruit pie you love. Weaving a lattice on top just adds another. Now roll out the dough for your lattice top. For a 9″ pie dish, roll it out to about 12 ″ in Diameter. This one doesn't have to be quite as wide as. Learn how to weave a decorative lattice-top for homemade pies. Plus, get top- rated recipes for pies and crusts.

Above: This is my apple cranberry pie. I used a lattice pie crust top with a braided pie crust edge and two apple cut-outs. The lattice strips have. Making a lattice pie crust is easy and looks so beautiful! Step by step Unfold strips 2 and 4 back to their original position over the top of the new cross strip. but for presentation's sake (and Insta, tbh!) a lattice pie crust is extra drool-worthy. And here's a little secret: that lattice top isn't so difficult, but.

A lattice pie crust looks like you spent the afternoon carefully weaving strip and fold the strips running under the vertical strip back over top. And while a lattice pie crust might look fancy and elaborate, it is actually For best results, and to avoid the pastry shrinking upon baking, it is. Not only can you—yes, you!—conquer the traditional lattice-top crust, but you can also go above and beyond with 7 fun variations.

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A lattice crust is created by weaving long strips of pie crust over top of the pie to create a weaved “mesh”. No only does it look gorgeous. See how easy it is to make a true lattice pie crust—with the top pie crust woven into a real crisscross of strips of dough—here. It involves. Lattice-top pies are beautiful desserts to share with guests or bring to a potluck or dinner party. Our step-by-step pie crust technique is an easy way to learn how. And now let's talk about the subtleties of making lattice pie crust. First of all, the Beleaf me, It will be the best $10 you've spent in a long while. A buttery, show-stopping lattice crust takes pie over the top — making it an ultra- impressive dinner party dish. Learn how to do it at A woven lattice is one the prettiest looking ways to top a pie or tart. B. Decide how wide you want your lattice strips to be, and mark your dough for cutting. Venting and crimping the top crust of your pie doesn't just make it look beautiful; it also releases steam and keeps the filling sealed inside. Purchase ready-made pie crusts at your local supermarket if you Set it into your pie plate and ensure it extends past the top. Seems to me it's a natural fit for pie, though, since it can be simulated with the same technique we rely on for a basic lattice-top design (full. The trickiest part of making a lattice-top pie isn't figuring out how to weave the top crust (the step-by-step photos below show the technique). The real trick is in.