How to make a viral music video

While we can't tell you exactly how to make a music video go viral — marketers have been trying and failing to crack that code for a while now. Reddit is where most of the virals and stories you see on social media originate from, so this is the best platform to give your music the best chance of going viral. Their music isn't even that great, but the video made them viral. Then they just tried to replicate their success by putting more focus into the videos than the music.

how to make a music video by yourself

24 hrs later their video had over 2 million views. They didn't have a fan base or a full album. He explains how to make a music video that goes viral. Remember Oppa Gangnam Style — the hit featuring an absurd music video starring the podgy Korean popstar Psy? It broke all records on. Learn how to make your video go viral and reach millions of views in today's 95 out of top most-viewed YouTube videos are music videos!.

In fact, there are a few common threads in every viral music marketing campaign. Baauer himself didn't create the original Harlem Shake video: an amateur. Try a free masterclass on music business for artists here. Going viral is a key way to build an audience, and if you use these unique, potentially viral videos to share, your account will start to boom with followers over time. For music artists seeking to raise their profile, having a video that goes the key to a successful viral video is to make a really entertaining film.

The smart-phone has even broadened the dimension of viral videos with its outreach. The trick to reach masses lies in the process of how to make a professional. Can you make a music video that is more likely to go viral? I'm less interested in the viral videos by popular stars like Taylor Swift (Bad Blood). Karen X. Cheng provides the 10 tips to make your video go viral. To themusic I danced to. They're all things I genuinely believe in, so I was.

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While there's no way to guarantee or predict a viral success, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances. Or, perhaps you want to do a viral social experiment and set it to your music! Since most viral videos on Facebook are shot on iPhone, with the. Some videos on YouTube get views naturally but you can't depend on natural means. Here are some tips to make a music videos more viral. Make a lip-sync video. In the age of the viral video, you don't necessarily have to be able to belt like Whitney Houston to become a music. Want to make your music video go viral? Read these six tips to create viral video content for your band. There is no guaranteed recipe for making a viral music video, but there is a pattern you can follow to try boost yourself to internet fame. If you think creating a viral video is all luck, then stay tuned, because I'm going to show you a simple framework that many companies have used to achieve. My goal for this project was to find tips and tricks for musicians to grow a . It's obvious that viral videos make the most money, and also launch. No wonder, there's a music video on the top of that list as official music videos are However, if you are an artist in the music space, how do you promote music videos on YouTube? . Most viral content on the internet originates from Reddit. A viral video is a video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, . Others postulate that sharing is driven by ego in order to build up an online Six of the 10 most viral YouTube videos of were rooted in music.

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