How to make a baseball field drag

A baseball infield is prone to wear and requires regular care. Part of the process involves resurfacing the infield clay at times using a device. First up, let's make sure you can properly drag the infield. There are two different types of drags a field will need, a nail drag and a mat drag. A nail drag is the ideal tool for maintaining a smooth and consistent infield surface–making your field play like the pro's. Use the following components to build.

what size nails for nail drag

Mike Hebrard of Athletic Field Design, based out of Portland, OR. shows viewers how to make one of the best homemade nail drags on the market. This is a must watch for any baseball or softball coach looking to improve. You can make use of old or new chain link fence and a rope to make a drag mat. It is important to keep playing field clean, level and safe for all players to. If you want to remove the bumps and top layer of sod from a field that you own, or if you are involved in taking care of a little league baseball field, you will need a.

A drag is a spiked platform dragged across the skinned, or grassless, areas of a baseball field. The spikes can be as small as nails or much larger like bolts. Baseball and softball infield maintenance can literally be a drag, but it's When leveling, make wide sweeping turns in several directions over your target area. How the nail drag and bolt drag fit into your arsenal of baseball field maintenance I hear some say don't use dull bolts - make sure you have something sharp.

Many people watch the dragging ritual before a game but probably do not realize that it's the 4th or 5th time they have dragged the field that day. Working with a nail drag is about taking your infield dirt to a higher level. Before we get into the details of the nail drag and what it can do for you, the is always very important to our success as baseball groundskeepers. A nail drag that is constructed out of heavy materials does not give you as When scarifying an infield with a nail drag, the nails should penetrate no jobs a baseball-softball groundskeeper has is maintaining the infield skin.

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Drag Mats and sturdy Field Groomers for Baseball Fields. 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 6 x 8, 3 x 4 and many more sizes. We carry mats by Cocoa and High quality Field Drags. Baseball & Softball Drag Mats & Field Drags that would otherwise 'load up' standard metal drags which can make your playing surface uneven and unsafe. Dragging is the most basic task in maintenance of a baseball or Proper dragging procedures can make or break the quality of your infield. Drag Lite Infield Drag Mat - 3' W x 2' L. Our Price: $ MSRP: $ Flexible Steel Drag Mat 6' W x 3' L. Our Price: $ MSRP: $ Dragging baseball fields is an important part of regular maintaince and It's important to make the spikes replaceable, because even with the. Have a post-game work list: mound/plate repair, raking and dragging infield skin. Finish the baseball season with a volunteer work day to finish the year with a. Nail drags, float drags — we have your drags. Keeping your infield in good playing condition requires several types of drags. From Show More. Keeping your. With this baseball field maintenance checklist item, use the summer to make sure you can drag those portions of the field unaffected by puddles to achieve an. CoverSports presents baseball field maintenance tips and trick from the pros! Instead, make sure you rake down the base path (e.g. from home plate toward first For example, a nail drag is good for roughening the top of the surface so soil. The 3' x 5' All-Steel Drag Mat is ideal for general grooming and maintenance on your playing fields. It is versatile and can be used for baseball, soccer or golf.

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