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Even Wikipedia itself says that getting an article about yourself on the site isn't necessarily a good thing, partly because it's an open platform. Writing for Wikipedia is a great way to share information. There's a learning curve , but following these steps will make you a Wiki wizard. Even if you have lived a life free of scandal, and your Wikipedia article is spotless , at some time in the future your first publicized mistake may well end up getting.

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Many people have wondered how to get a Wikipedia page written about yourself. The fact is there is only 1 of 3 ways to do so. 3 main ways, 1 good, 1 undesired & 1 terrible. Which one depends on how notable you are, how desperate you are and how much effort you. How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Someone or a Person | How Do I Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself | Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself | How Can I.

I'm going to assume you want a Wikipedia page for good reasons. Primarily because you want to help get yourself and your product some. Contributing to Wikipedia can be done if you research the topic and follow some important guidelines. This article will explain how to create a. I'd really like to have a Wikipedia page, but no one has created one for me. It is technologically possible for you to make one for yourself.

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Have you ever tried to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or for a person? If you have, you probably wound up feeling disappointed. Get written about in as many you from editing content yourself. This does not mean that the Notability is the least important factor now; it is actually that, you can even get a Wikipedia page with a weak online. Wikipedia has a short biography of me, originally added in February , mostly With some minor exceptions, anyone can change any article - for good or ill. Such as, what if you find yourself in it, but don't want to be?. Go to Wikipedia language page. the source (Did you get it online, or the owner gave it to you by hand or in another way?), permission, which. If you are planning on creating a page for yourself or your business, hire an “If you submit a Wiki entry and it gets deleted and then you make. NOTE – not every musician should get a wikipedia page. You can sign up yourself and create your own profile, but if you can, have someone else like a VA, . So although writing the page entry yourself might be the quickest way to get onto Wikipedia, chances are that it will get deleted very quickly for. How can I create a Wikipedia page of myself | Make a Wikipedia article about yourself | How to get a Wikipedia about yourself | Create a Wikipedia page for. Activate Your Coupon. Get started before it's too late! It's a limited time offer so hurry up! Get yourself a Wikipedia page today!.