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Can someone please give me a straight answer because I've seen wai too many and they are all differnet I just want 1 that works, The Sims 2. No unforchanly you cant but there is one sim game on ps2 you can have a baby that is The Sims Bustin Out Hope this helps!!:) Have a good day!!:). I can safely say that the answer is no. I've tried many times with no success. A very few amount of people have claimed that they can on the console, but it.

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How do I have a baby in the PS2 version of Sims 2? Community Answer. Keep kissing your partner until there's an option that says Do you. NO!!! You can not have babies on sims 2 only on PC version. Trust me i tried everything!!!! THERE AREE NO BABIES IN SIM 2. While it is possible for a male Sim to have a baby by way of alien abduction, it is much simpler and easier to go the traditional route of having a female Sim get.

get a man and a woman in love then make the 2 of them to go into bed then click on them and down to try for a baby it doesnt allways work the. 1. No you cannot make a second floor or a roof you cannot have a baby but there is a PS2 game that lets you create a child through CAS. fer sims 2 ps2 HOW DO YOU HAVE A BABY?!? i heard that you have to makeout once, cuddle 2, woohoo1, cuddle 1, then itll show it wont work.. so do.

Find how to conceive a baby in The Sims 2 and what you can expect from the three days pregnancy and the delivery. Unlike their counterparts in the original, babies in The Sims 2 are separate from their cribs, which need to bought in buy mode. Regular feeding and diaper. Haley, if you are referring to The Sims 2 or the PlayStation 2, you cannot have a baby, no matter the relationship. I've tried for a while on my PlayStation 2 and it.

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Because the person who made the sims, made it to where on the ps2 you can not have kids. Because most kids have a ps2 and not all sims games are rated E. i wil be mad if the sims 2 isn't the same for pc and ps2. they have to be excatly . the sims 2 are coming out? omg. the babies and stuff were so cute. like, ou knw. Metacritic Game Reviews, The Sims 2 for PlayStation 2, If the world was a the sims 2 it sucks coz you cany getr the sim to have a baby i spent. if there is no way to age, have babies, etc then o well, i dont need the sims2 (ps2) anyways cuz i can get the sims 2 for pc and have a much!!. The Sims 2 is a strategic life simulation video game developed by Maxis and published Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 & Xbox The Sims 2 was the last Sims game Will Wright worked on, before leaving A Sim will be born when a female Sim and a male Sim try for a baby several. The Sims 2 (PS2): PC & Video Games. help them overcome their trials and tribulations. How will you fill in the blank canvass of The Sims 2?. Favorite Sims game. Very fun to play and very addictive especially in free play mode. Story mode is cool to but much better if you have the cheat codes lol. The Sims 2 - PlayStation 2: Playstation 2: Computer and Video Games Mix Genes: Your Sims have DNA and inherit physical and personality traits. Take your. PS2 | Submitted by mrandrew if you want to have twins get one of the female sims pregnet, once she is pregnet have her try for have her baby(/ babies), it will tell you if the cheat worked or not by saying two babies are on the way. Relish in your Sims' peaks of pleasure and help them overcome their trials and tribulations. How will you fill in the blank canvass of The Sims 2?.