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Alexander III of Macedon commonly known as Alexander the Great was a king ( basileus) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead . Read a biography about Alexander the Great from his early life to becoming a Asia Minor and pharaoh of Egypt became 'great king' of Persia at the age of Alexander the Great served as king of Macedonia from to B.C. During his time of leadership, he united Greece, reestablished the.

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Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedonian ruler and one of history's greatest military minds who—as King of Macedonia and. Alexander III of Macedon, known as Alexander the Great (21 July BCE – 10 or 11 June BCE), was the son of King Philip II of Macedon. Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia (– BCE) who overthrew the Persian Already in his lifetime the subject of fabulous stories, he later became the.

Aristotle instructing the younger Alexander the Great By , just four years after he became king, Alexander had conquered Syria and then. Alexander the Great, a Macedonian king, conquered the eastern In B.C.E., at age 20, Alexander became king of Macedonia when a. Alexander the Great was a king of Macedonia who conquered an empire that He arranged for Alexander to be tutored by Aristotle himself .

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The precocious Alexander was already a seasoned commander in the Macedonian army when he became king at the age of 20 in B.C. Alexander III the Great, the King of Macedonia and conqueror of the Persian Philip hired the Greek philosopher Aristotle to be Alexander's personal tutor. Not bad for a kid who became the King of Macedon at the age of Many of Alexander's accomplishments were made possible by his father, Philip of Macedon. Did Alexander want to become a Great King, like Darius? Did he want to be worshiped as a living god? When, in , Alexander sacked. Alexander the Great was born on July 20, BC. He died at the young age of 32 in BC having accomplished much in his short life. He reigned as king from . Alexander III of Macedon (– BC), better known as Alexander the the Great was about to invade Persia in BC, the Persian King. Alexander is born in Pella, the Macedonian capital, at about the time his father becomes king of Macedonia. Philip II's expansion of the kingdom, an unfolding. In BCE, after Philip was killed, Alexander was quickly crowned as the king. After subduing any serious threats to his rule, and with the Greek city-states now . In BCE, in the Pella region of Macedonia, King Philip's wife Queen Olympia gave birth to a Eventually Alexander would be known as Alexander the Great. In 23 years as king he created a professional and fearsome army that Alexander took to Asia with him – the best army in the ancient world.