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Baby V.O.X (Korean: 베이비복스) was a South Korean K-pop group that formed in . While 'What Should I Do' hit the number one spot in the Korean music chart, their second single, 바램 (The Wish) wasn't as popular. The group's. 년 11월 28일 Translation of '나 어떡해 (What Should I Do)' by Baby V.O.X (베이비복스) from Korean to Transliteration. 년 4월 18일 Baby VOX – What Should I Do Lyrics. ROMANIZATION + HANGUL + TRANSLATION. Idero kuthnassumyon johgesso idero.

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Baby V.O.X (Korean: 베이비복스) was a South Korean K-pop group that formed in In addition to that, they managed to have a Live Concert in. Baby V.O.X. - Babyvox (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Do you have to go / I have to let I've got to make him come back to me. I should say don't leave me. Lyrics to 'Coincidence' by Baby Vox: [All] Balla balla komiko la balla balla bonita / Balla balla muepe la chikha balla bonita / Balla balla komiko la balla balla.

Baby V.o.x.. Play This Song. 1 Yo jeum tae do nae gae nuh moo hae. Boo rahn hae mahm sohk ae kkeut cheul yae gi hah neun deut hae. Gi dah ri neun deut. Baby Vox, along with S.E.S. and FinKL, were the big three of Korean all-female pop bands that came in the wake of the Spice Girls, took the country by storm. Baby significa bebe en español y V.O.X es el acrónimo de Voice Of eXpression , . SBS Inkigayo (01/06): What Should I Do; Mnet Music Tank (07/06): What.

Baby VOX topped the Chinese music chart with the Chinese single I'm Still Loving You, 3rd place with 나 어떡해 (What Should I Do) and 4th place with the same. Paroles: Paroles - Baby V.O.X.: Xcstasy (English Version). (Floss P) Game Cold Like The Pole in The Winter Picturing positions to smash feeling to hither. What Should I Do - Baby V.O.X | Idaero kkeutnasseumyeon johgesseo idaero ijhyeojimyeon johgesseo Ninan bam kkumcheoreom dalkomhaessdeon kkumeuro. (At this point, the finalized Baby VOX lineup was Yoon Eun Hye, Kim EZ, Kan Mi This was quite a statement to make against another artist, and the two to bend to societal expectations of what a girl group should be like. Members: Kan Mi Yeon, Kim E-Z | 7 MVs | 6 Albums | Baby V.O.X. (Hangul: 베이비복스, standing for Baby Voices of Xpression) was one of South Korea's most. For their sophmore album, Baby V.O.X took inspiration from Korean girl groups . The songs promoted from this album were What Should I Do (sometimes. K.L, and Baby V.O.X. This group had numerous #1 songs such as .. As for the album itself the title track “What Should I Do” managed to hit. Devotion (Baby V.O.X). Album Cover. Artist: Baby V.O.X; Album: DEVOTION; Released: ; CD Tracklist. Na Eotteokhae (나 어떡해; What Should I Do ?). Devotion was the sixth album of the popular Korean girl group Baby V.O.X. Its singles was What Should I Do, Wish, and their Chinese single I'm Still Loving . Baby V.O.X (Korean: 베이비복스) was a South Korean K-pop group that . While ' What Should I Do' hit the number one spot in the Korean music chart, their.

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