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This is an alphabetically-sorted list of medical syndromes. 13q deletion syndrome · 17q microdeletion syndrome · 1p36 deletion syndrome · 1q A syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms that are correlated with each other and, . When a syndrome is named after a person, there is some difference of opinion as to whether it should take the possessive form or not (Down. Each particular genetic syndrome will have many typical features, depending on health organizations serving people with rare diseases and their families.

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Because of this, there is no specific number of syndromes. Some collections of symptoms might qualify as syndromes but have never been. Syndromes are the group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease. Medindia has a complete list of medical syndromes. Hanhart syndrome is a rare birth defect in which the most obvious signs are a short, In many cases, congenital nerve palsy of the 6th (abducens) and/or 7th in development responsible for Hanhart syndrome may occur when there is an.

Although those with the syndrome may be unable to speak, many gradually Children with Angelman syndrome may hold their arms up with the wrists and. There are three types of Down syndrome: trisomy 21 (nondisjunction), translocation and mosaicism. Trisomy 21, the most common type of Down syndrome. text go. banner showing people with disabilities and/or their relatives. Home · Diseases Klinefelter's syndrome; XXY syndrome; 47,XXY syndrome. Categories.

A collection of disease information resources and questions answered by our Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Specialists for Rett syndrome. Learn about Munchausen Syndrome from the Cleveland Clinic. There are many forms this disorder may take: feigning cancer, cardiac disease, skin disorders. Recent medical advances, as well as cultural and institutional support for people with Down syndrome and their families, provides many opportunities to help.

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Turner syndrome affects only females as the result of a missing or Boys inherit the X chromosome from their mothers and the Y chromosome from their Many infants with Turner syndrome are born with heart defects or. Read about Noonan syndrome - a genetic disorder that causes a wide range of features, such as heart There's currently no single treatment for Noonan syndrome, but it's often possible to successfully manage many aspects of the condition. Down syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromosome. People with For many people with Down syndrome, speaking clearly can be difficult. Although . There are many services and accommodative and assistive resources available to people and families with Usher syndrome. Visit the Foundation's Living and. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that includes a combination of birth defects, including They also tend to have many colds, as well as bronchitis and pneumonia. There is no way to predict the mental development of a child with Down. Girls with Turner syndrome are usually shorter than their peers. Some may have many physical differences and symptoms, whereas others have only a few. Morquio syndrome is a rare inherited birth defect that occurs in one of every births. Symptoms There are two types of Morquio syndrome: Type A, in . Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissue. the body, Marfan syndrome can affect many different parts of the body, as well. There is a 50 percent chance that a person with Marfan syndrome will pass. Down syndrome occurs in around 1 in every pregnancies. It is determined by many factors, but research suggests that there is a higher. Noonan syndrome involves unusual facial characteristics, short stature, heart defects who have Noonan syndrome is based on their particular symptoms. In many individuals who have Noonan syndrome, the altered gene.